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Monday, July 26, 2010

Disneyland Hotel pulls out all the stops for a new and improved makeover

Taken from "Travel Week"

A substantial amount of upgrades are taking place at Disneyland Hotel with exciting enhancements sure to peak the interest of kids and adults alike. With work underway, the hotel upgrade and renovation will include a new pool and water play area, renovations to an existing pool, the opening of a new restaurant and bar and re-theming of the hotel’s three guest room towers. The changes will restore and highlight the original mid-century classic style of the hotel. In 1955, months after Walt Disney’s first theme park opened its gates, the hotel’s original two-story bungalows were built. The work being done will enhance the courtyard and pool area, allowing guests a clear line of vision and easy access across the property. “These exciting enhancements, along with our current Disneyland Hotel renovation and the expansion of Disney’s California Adventure, underscore our ongoing investment in the Disneyland Resort and the Anaheim Resort District,” said George A. Kalogridis, president of Disneyland Resort. “We are proud to collaborate with city and businesses leaders as we continue to evolve the area into a world-class multi-day tourist destination.” The pool area will see the most significant changes during this enhancement process. A new water play area will be installed and the iconic original park signage, ‘Disneyland’ will be spelled out atop a platform supporting two new and thrilling water slides. At each slide’s entrance will sit a replica Monorail Car that guests will glide through as they twist and turn their way to the water below. The two exciting water slides will be a sure thrill for kids and adults of all ages. The first slide is 26 feet high and stretches 187 feet until it plunges into a splash pool. The second is 13 feet high and 112 feet long. There is also a third two-lane mini slide sitting just three-and-a-half feet high and 19 feet long for the younger guests, as well as a series of small bubble jets in which to play. The hotel’s existing Never Land pool is getting a true makeover of dreams. A footbridge will actually stretch over the new pool, connecting both sides of the courtyard area allowing guests easy access across the property. A new 4-foot-deep pool will be built in between the existing Never Land pool and the new water play area. Not only will this pool area add six new cabanas which feature a flat screen TV, fridge, safe, phone and ceiling fan, but the space will also include two spas at opposite ends of the area. Cove pool will become a beautifully green lawn area providing the perfect site for outdoor events.

Guests can enjoy a completely new dining experience at Disneyland Hotel, which adds to the exciting pool renovations. The current location of Hook’s Pointe, Croc’s Bits ‘n’ Bites, Wine Cellar and Lost Bar will all be joined by a new ‘smart casual’ dining area. A new, fully enclosed bar will feature specialty drinks and surprises for its guests.

The construction for the new water play area, pool and dining location is scheduled to be completed by summer 2011. The remodeled Never Land pool should be completed by summer 2012.

The hotel’s three guest room towers will also be undergoing changes for Disneyland’s distinctive lands. The Dreams Tower will become the Adventure Tower, Wonder Tower will become the Frontier Tower and finally, the Magic Tower will transform into the Fantasy Tower. Disneyland Hotel renovations began in August 2009 where remodeled guests rooms now feature Disney touches woven into every inch of the décor.