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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Top 10 Reasons YOU Should Cruise for Thanksgiving with your Family

          Top 10 Reasons Why You Should CRUISE for Thanksgiving
      10. Dine with your family on Thanksgiving - and meet new friends, too! Cruising provides opportunities to meet people from around the world, but also to spend time doing unforgettable things together with the ones you love. Romantic options, family options, time alone, it’s all offered in a cruise vacation. 
9. No cleaning the house before dinner- every year someone in your family spends days preparing for Thanksgiving. They wash the crystal, polish the silver, iron the table cloth - OR Maybe they go buy paper plates, forks, cups, and table clothes - whichever the case - time and money is spent preparing the table and the house for you to come together. Take a year off from this and PLAY up until Thanskgiving.
8. Cheaper than a private butler! No shopping for or preparing food for Thanksgiving- usually everyone coming to Thanksgiving contributes to the food, as is the tradition of Thanksgiving. Give your kitchens a break.
 7. No Cleanup After the Feast! No leftovers to put away and no hurrying to clean up after eating so you can watch the game. When you’re done - you get up from the table and leave. Someone else is there, happy to have a job, who is going to clean up the table, put away the dishes, and clean the kitchen while you enjoy the game and go to the pool.
6. Watch the game by the pool under the warm sun! Fall - Small - the weather is always beautiful in the Caribbean! Have kids who are fussy about getting dressed up for Thanksgiving?  Don’t!  Go on a cruise. Order room service in your jammies or sit by the pool sipping a cold drink in the warm sunshine.
5. Family who don’t football will LOVE you for all the activities on board for them- with something for everyone to do for all ages, from trivia contests, rock climbing wall, ice rink and movie theater - all included in your cruise!
4. More fun together on board including night clubs, spas, golf simulator, wine tastings, art auctions, family photo opportunities and more!
3. Cheaper than flying to the Caribbean - only unpack once:Cruises offer you the opportunity to drive to your local cruise port or take a domestic flight and be able to see far away and exotic places, to beautiful islands and beaches and taste the culture of another country together for often not much more than the cost of the international flight to get there.
2. Everyone one is happy at any age! Going golfing? That’s for dad. Spa vacation? That’s for mom.  Sight-seeing and city tours? That’s for grandparents. Beaches, swimming, rock climbing? That’s for kids. Guess what? It’s all there for you with a cruise vacation. There are activities for all likes, ages and budgets available on a cruise. Do things you enjoy together - or apart- and come together at night for dinner and a show. It’s like a big family sleepover at sea on a floating resort where all your food is included!
The No 1 Reason to book Now?  Royal Caribbean is offering Friends and Family SAIL FREE for 2015! Party of two? They are also offering “Buy One - Get One Half Off”
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